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American Crew Menswork

The men’s grooming business is not slowing down anytime soon. In fact, it’s growing stronger than ever, with more clients requesting specific styles. Whether you’re a barber or a men’s hairstylist, staying on top of the latest trends can be a challenge, not to mention having your salon team enhance their skills with their male clientele. Now you can have the latest techniques and skills at your fingertips thanks to American Crew’s Master of Men’s Grooming online education program.

American Crew Master of Men's Grooming

1. A Comprehensive Learning Experience

No matter what level you’re at in your career, we all learn differently and Tiffanie Pitimada, national show and education manager for Revlon Professional Canada, says the Masters of Men’s Grooming program takes these learning styles into account by offering added engagement. More specifically, hairstylists can take part in discussion groups with others who are taking the program and be a resource for each other.

Working from the principles of American Crew, hairstylists are given an introduction to modern classic looks. Each of the ten hairstyles also include individual lesson plans so that hairstylists can learn at their own pace by progressing through the looks they feel comfortable with and building confidence from there. Along with the video learning, hairstylists also have access to additional resources including angled imagery and additional explanations of the techniques.

In addition to the skills and techniques, the engagement aspect of the program is equally important, and a point of difference for the program. “There’s that space for engagement with the All-Star Educators, and between hairstylists there is a space for discussion groups,” says Pitimada. Overall, the program allows hairstylists to not only learn the skills and techniques of each of the 10 American Crew looks, but it’s also a chance to share and learn from your colleagues wherever you are located. “We want people to stay with the program, and engagement and interaction are a big part of being able to complete this program,” she says.

American Crew Master of Men's Grooming

2. Education in Any Location

“This is a new space for learning, for stylists at every level,” explains Pitimada. “Hairstylists don’t give themselves the time they need to take a class, and we wanted a way for them to learn and at the same time we didn’t want to lose the interaction and engagement.” While the training component of the program is online, hairstylists will also receive personal feedback from American Crew All-Star Educators. The final looks and techniques used will be evaluated for all sections of the program. For All-Star Educator Matula Liounis, the opportunity to connect with hairstylists from across the country is exciting because it gives her the chance to help support and challenge stylists who she wouldn’t otherwise have a chance to teach. “I’m happy when I can give hairstylists and barbers something to go back to their salons with and be more competitive,” says Liounis. “To create a new look that’s more interesting and unique for their clients.”

American Crew Master of Men's Grooming

3. How Education Builds Your Business

While education can seem like a cost that also takes you away from your business, Liounis will tell you otherwise. “Whether they are a hairstylist in Vancouver or London, Ontario, the goal with Master of Men’s Grooming is to have your clients get these looks,” says Liounis. When it comes to selling retail product, with the looks, they both can be addressed with the American Crew lineup. “Having the knowledge and skill for each cut goes hand in hand with using and selling the product,” she says, adding that Master of Men’s Grooming helps give hairstylists a better understanding of how to finish and style the looks, which really gives clients the best experience in and out of the salon.

Whether you’re a new or seasoned hairstylist, located in a rural or urban area, American Crew’s Masters of Men’s Grooming can help you improve your men’s hairstyling game with your clients. With the combination of learning resources and personalized feedback from the brand’s All-Star Education team, this is a program that will help you hit the mark with your clients.

To learn more and register, visit americancrew.com/masterofmensgrooming.


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