Male clients are creatures of habit, so we’ve tapped the pros on how to boost sales and keep them coming back for more.

With more men coming to salons for everything from modern classic styles to scruffy, full beards, male grooming trends are at an all-time high. That means making your salon the destination for men’s grooming can have a positive impact on your business.

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As professionals in men’s grooming services, Jason Culala, founder of The Original Grooming Experts in Toronto, Dean Wada, president of Jatai International and Chris Vaughn, international ambassador for Oster Professional Products, weighed in with their tips on how to maximize sales, get repeat clients and maintain relationships with existing clientele.

1. Make a difference

Offer guys something different in the way of grooming services to set yourself apart and give them a reason to come into your salon in the first place. “What makes us stand out from other salons is that we are truly advanced in clipper and scissor work,” says Culala. Recognizing how the trends will transfer to the clients is important, too. “Understanding how to shape a beard, moustache or hairstyle to the client’s bone structure or head shape is a major plus,” says Wada.

2. Create an experience

Give men who come in more than just a cut; give them a memorable experience. “Complete the shaving experience with hot towels, using a straight razor and applying products to the skin—and a little massage at the end is a nice touch,” says Wada. At OGX, Culala makes sure that each of the services available is an experience in itself. Using attention-grabbing names on their menu means OGX clients can take advantage of a total service package that includes scalp massages, hot towel, toner and paraffin/hand wax/massage along with a shampoo and conditioning treatment.

3. Cultivate a fan following

Once you’ve provided an experience worth returning to, it’s easy to develop a loyal client base. Culala believes in rebooking clients on a regular basis every two to six weeks is a great approach to build a consistent client base. For Vaughn, establishing that authentic feeling is mutual. “To maintain my clientele, I make sure they schedule their next appointment as soon as I finish their service,” he says, adding that their good feeling is still lingering, so you instantly have a repeat customer.

3 Ways To Make a Client Connection

Even when they’re not in your salon, here’s how you can continue to grow your business, one client at a time.

-Social media: Using the online world is the perfect way to grow your business. “They can see who you cut and how you cut—it’s best if they can try it out themselves, but it’s a starting point,” says Culala. “When I hire staff, I mention that it’s a PR position, too.”

-Education: Find out what your client’s needs are and use that as a starting point to educate them on how to create their style. Vaughn suggests, “teaching them styling techniques, prescribing the right products and suggesting additional services like straight-razor shaves.”

-Retail sales: When it comes to selling products, get to know the client’s needs and lifestyle. ”We put the product in their hair and tell them ‘see how that works this time around; if you like it, you know where to get it,” says Culala. That way, the client knows what’s available without feeling pressured to buy.


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