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Four experts weigh in with tips for discussing the often-sensitive subject of hair loss and thinning hair with your male clients.

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Whether it’s due to genetics, stress or overprocessing, thinning hair is becoming all the more common among both men and women. We get some expert advice for opening up the discussion with your clientele and handling the issue “head on.”

Tip #1: Speak Up

Using appropriate verbiage can be the key to having a successful conversation with your client. “The term ‘thinning hair’ is already something we need to start removing from our vocabulary when speaking to clients because it’s the beginning of an unpleasant visual,” says Mirella Rota Sementilli, a hairstylist at Salon Shampoo in Toronto. “I would ask if they are interested in more volume or would like to see more fullness.

There are different go-to statements, but it’s about thinking positive—as if their glass is half full as opposed to half empty.”

While you may want to rely on your go-to cutting and styling techniques to achieve the appearance of fuller-looking hair, Sementilli, who is also an educator for Nioxin, says thinning hair is so common now that it’s important to start the dialogue with your clients and educate them about the options available. “It’s not the clients’ responsibility to make you feel comfortable about telling them what’s best for them,” she says. “It’s our responsibility as professionals to become more educated, and that automatically helps you become a more confident and professional hairstylist.”

Tip #2: Let Clients Be Heard

As the salon professional, it’s natural to want to lend your expertise to your clients’ hair concerns. However, it’s also important to listen to what your clients have to say about their hair. “Asking questions is the key to sensing how comfortable any client is with discussing hair loss,” says Suzy Henningsgard, global education manager for e


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