Summit Salon Business Center partners with Redken Canada to provide salon owners with common sense leadership, sales, and marketing strategies.

“So many salon business owners today bought into the dream, but have woken up to the nightmare.”

That message immediately resonated with over 70 salon business owners, who gathered at a Toronto-area hotel on a sunny Sunday in late May to hear acclaimed salon consultant Glenn Baker.

A co-founder of Summit Salon Business Center, Baker helps salon owners across North America increase the profitability of their businesses by sharing common sense leadership, sales, marketing, and customer service strategies through his widely popular “Take Command” seminars.

Baker also brings his own personal experience as a salon business owner to Take Command, and wastes no time connecting with his audience while discussing the importance of developing effective communications skills that enable owners to go beyond being the boss, and become a leader in the salon.


Changing the way salon owners look at their business

“You are 100% responsible for the culture that exists in your salon,” Baker bluntly explains to a fixated audience.


“The beliefs, the customs, the norms in your salon, good and bad, are all driven by you and your attitudes.”

Many of the salon owners in attendance on this Sunday morning quickly discover they are not alone in the struggles they face as salon business owners, and that systems and strategies are available to help them grow a strong, profitable business.

“Take Command is all about asking yourself the question – ‘How do I look at my business in a different way’”, explains Baker, a co-owner of The Head Shoppe chain of salons in Eastern Canada.

“It is about understanding the difference between wants and needs, avoiding the temptations that prevent us from reaching our true potential, and embracing systems and strategies that enable salon business owners to do effective sales planning, improve customer service, and become a coach and mentor to the service providers, who are so critical to a salon’s success.


SSBC and Redken – a strategic partnership

Working in exclusive partnership with Redken Canada, Summit Salon Business Center consultants provide day-long seminars on all aspects of salon business, from managing social media to developing processes that reward top performers and keep appointment books full.

“Partnering with Redken was a natural for us,” said Baker.

“Redken adheres to a core philosophy that puts the development and growth of stylists and salon owners ahead of pushing their brand. Their success is directly related to the success of the salons they service.”


Jack Ingraham, general manager of Redken Canada agrees. “The Redken philosophy has always been about enabling salon professionals to earn a better living, and live a better life.”

“At Redken, we start each day by asking ourselves what we can do to help salon businesses grow, because if we can help salon owners succeed, we will also be successful.”

“That philosophy is at the core of our relationship with Summit Salon Business Center”, explained Ingraham.

“Every company in our industry offers great products. Our objective is to combine those products with consulting and education from an organization that provides proven systems and proven results.”


By the end of his recent Toronto seminar, Baker’s schedule for the following day is fully booked with private 45-minute meetings with attending salon owners eager to discuss the specific issues impacting their salon.

An increasingly common concern among veteran salon business owners he meets is how to create value in their salon that will enable them to sell when the time comes to retire.

“So many salon owners don’t like what they have, and settle for just getting by, which is what I call living in complacency”, said Baker.

“They believe they can cut themselves out of trouble; if they just do more haircuts, introduce more revenues, it will take care of their problems. In today’s business environment, you can’t do that. You need systems and strategies that help you develop your team.”

Reaching The Summit

Those types of concerns have also fueled steadily increasing interest in SSBC’s flagship program known simply “The Summit”.

A four-day educational event available exclusively to Redken color salons, The Summit helps salon owners create the exceptionally-led, highly profitable, team-driven, sales-oriented salon culture that they’ve always wanted.

Working with Redken and its exclusive distributors across Canada, SSBC will be presenting The Summit this fall to salon business owners in Toronto, Quebec City, and Calgary.


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