According to industry stats, salons lose 30 percent of their clients each year, making the need to implement proven strategies that will build loyalty and make your business thrive all the more vital. Take a look at what these savvy experts recommend. 

“The hard reality is that only 15 percent of clients are completely happy with the overall service they receive at their regular salon,” reveals Rowena Berry, ASK Business national trainer for ASK Business, Schwarzkopf Professional Canada. “Which means that 85 percent of clients would be willing to change overnight.”

That statistic alone should be enough to cause anyone working in a salon to immediately implement better business practices.



Fortunately, there are proven tactics to ensure you offer your clients the very best service each and every time they come to see you. Because, “beyond cut and colour, retaining customers has more to do with the experience you are offerring them. It’s about making them feel amazing when they’re in your chair,” says Berry.

“Always consider that clients are paying for the service you
are providing and they don’t care about your personal problems, so leave that stuff out of the conversation while focusing on
your craft,” reminds Louis Hechter, editorial director for L’Ore