The concept of the post-industrial design of this award-winning Montreal salon, Narcisse & Echo, is a modern interpretation of the Greek myth of Echo and Narcissus.

Co-owners Line Lebrun and Roxane Cheibes have been working alongside for over 20 years and have been business partners for 11. Both have a flourishing client base but play different roles in the salon. Cheibes is more involved in managing the floor staff and Line takes care of running the business smoothly and efficiently. But key decisions are always made as a close-knit team.

The architect they worked with to create the salon’s new image loved their idea of timeless decor and he suggested simple and sturdy materials with a raw edge and minimal transformation, such as stainless steel, wood and the extremely long velvet curtains that hang from the 20-foot-plus ceiling. They not only add a regal, sensuous touch to the sparse space but also help muffle sound. “Our clients always receive a long, relaxing sinkside massage, so we needed to create a tranquil, calming environment,” says Cheibes.

Creating Timeless Decor

The salon, which is located in a university neighbourhood, has a contemporary art gallery vibe. “We love this space because it’s quite versatile and very easy to transform into a class or a photo shoot set-up; it’s more of a work studio than a traditional salon,” says Cheibes.

A space for art

And even if they have less time than before to attend education events since opening their salon, Cheibes and Lebrun make sure they are always surrounded by creative types who love working in this serene yet inspiring environment.

Design: Henri Cleinge, architect

Space: 1,300 square feet

Team: 10 employees, 8 stylist/technical stations, 5 sinks

Brands: Goldwell, Kevin Murphy, René Furterer