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When clients ask for the latest show-stopping hues, it can be a terrific challenge for you as a hairstylist, especially when you want to keep the integrity of the hair. With Redken’s new HDResolution low-lift alkaline, demi-permanent colour, you are able to achieve exceptional saturation with maximum reflection. Here’s why it will have you rethinking your colour services.

Get in the Zone

It takes a professional to create impeccable hair colour, while achieving maximum hair health. In order to achieve both, Redken’s unique zone application separates hair into three zones: hair’s root (zone one) to the mid-section (zone two) to the ends of the hair (zone three). Each zone accepts hair colour differently, depending on the condition of the hair. With Redken’s HDResolution, it’s now easier to create the best hair colour for your client. By combining alkaline and acidic colour such as Shades EQ Gloss, hairstylists are achieving incredibly artistic results by using the right product to minimize the stress on the more sensitive areas.

How Zone Application Maintains Healthy Hair

When it comes to achieving healthy hair, while still offering amazing colour results, using the right product combined with the right application makes all the difference. A low-lift alkaline colour is effective on hair regrowth, because it penetrates the hair just enough to provide high clarity color with excellent reflectivity. By using acidic hair colour, such as Redken’s Shades EQ, in zones two and three, optimal hair colour and condition are simultaneously achieved thanks to the products acidic properties. In addition, Redken’s pH-Bonder protects and maintains hair health, which is a necessity for clients with previously coloured hair or any mechanical damage. When it comes to using HDResolution, it’s important to always perform a strand test for optimal results.

Consulting With Your Clients

When speaking with your clients about their hair colour service, using the right language is key. There are many different ways to start the conversation about living in (high-resolution) colour. For first-time colour clients, the flexibility of trying out colour without a permanent commitment, along with enhancing the condition of their hair are standout features. Clients with up to 70 per cent grey hair will appreciate the benefit of grey coverage with this 20-minute colour service. Plus, for the unique needs of clients with red hair, HDResolution’s ability to offer vibrant results with gentle conditioning is the answer.


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