Keeping a youthful look is top priority for men in their 40s and 50s who have started to see some grey hair peeking out. Here’s how to get it right for your guys.

Hair colour now accounts for the majority of salon services. Of course, this increase is largely due to female clients who have a dazzling array of striking colour effects to choose from, men are responsible for growing a market segment in terms of colour. Here’s how to capitalize on this trend.

The Right Shade

“You don’t want the colour to be too dark, or it will look fake,” says Eve Champagne, a national educator for Redken. To counteract that not-so-glam Elvis impersonator look, she recommends working with a 10-minute process colour, such as Camo from Redken, which is available in six shades that effectively cover grey while creating a bit of that sexy salt-and-pepper look.

“You need to be cautious with darker shades of brown,” echoes Ramsey Sayah, owner of Texture Hair Salon in Ottawa. To avoid seeing red or copper tones, Sayah suggests a 10-volume developer to cover greys, and applying it with a wide-toothed comb for even more natural results. It’s also important to look at the colour in natural light. “It may look perfect at your station, but it might start showing some reddish tones once the client is in nature,” says Sayah.

White is Right

Covering hair that’s more than 50 per cent grey has its advantages. “If you use a permanent series, such as Koleston Perfect or hypoallergenic Innosence, both from Wella Professionals, with a 10-volume developer it helps create a temporary shade that slowly washes out. That’s something clients who want to change their look often will appreciate,” notes Sayah. Another factor to consider is that the paler the hair, the more colour will penetrate it, since there is no pigment to start with.

Pastel Punch

It’s not just women falling for paler pastel shades, says Sayah. “It’s a growing demographic because it’s become much more acceptable to do something different.”

“One of my clients is a creative, young professional who likes to play around with paler shades and changes them every month. It’s always stimulating to work with this type of client,” he says. To create a perfect pastel shade, Sayah recommends using Instamatic Color Touch from Wella Professionals with a pastel developer since it’s not only formulated for more delicate hues, but it will also have longevity. And no matter how grey your client’s hair, keep in mind that if you want to create a pastel shade, you’ll need to pre-lighten it. 

Your Go-To Products

Photo: Hair: Uros Mikic, Kinky Curly Straight, Australia; Makeup: Maja Susnjara, Styling: Nina Susnjara, Photo: Ziga Mihelcic


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