The latest hair colour trend forecast is here and it calls for a Tequila Sunrise. For clients looking to add warmth to their hair just in time for spring, this trend for 2018 may be just what they’ve been craving. Composed of warm orange, coral, tangerine and metallic apricot shades, this colour is sure to make a statement.

“Tone is something that you can tweak seasonally, but warm tones suit many people year-round as it brings out a healthy glow in their skin, even in winter,” says Kate Reid, Kevin.Murphy’s Color.Me design director and colourist.

Reid adds that although Tequila Sunrise is typically seen on lighter hair, it can still be achieved on dark-haired clients.

“Tequila Sunrise is best suited for warm skin tones that appear olive, beige or golden in colour and typically have green or brown eyes,” she says. “For cooler skin, be sure to keep some natural shade in the hair, or even a small regrowth, as this will help to off-set the warmer colour choice.”

For a low-commitment option, a demi colour is a great alternative that will wash out and allow clients to return to blonde. Another option that Reid recommends is Kevin.Murphy’s Color.Me Apricot toner, which will add an apricot shimmer to the hair.

Here’s how to achieve the Tequila Sunrise look using Kevin.Murphy products:

Tequila Sunrise Formula for Short Hair:

Formula A: Cream.Lightener + Cream.Activator 20 Vol. (6%)

Formula B: 8.2 + Cream.Activator 3.5 Vol. (1%)
Formula C: 8.2 + 8.34 + Cream.Activator 10 Vol. (3%)

Formula D: Natural + Apricot + Cream.Activator 3.5 Vol. (1%) 

How-To: Get Tequila Sunrise Hair

1. Use Formula A to lighten the full head. Rinse out and apply Color.Me Finishing Regimen.

2. Apply Formula C to all the hair at the nape and sides, from new growth to ends.

3. Develop, rinse and apply Color.Me Finishing Regimen.

4. Leave a thin slice (2 to 3 millimetres) uncoloured before foiling the next slice. This time, apply Formula B to new growth and lengths only (zones 1, 2), leaving ends out.

5. Apply Formula B within the third foil, only to the new growth area (zone 1). Alternate the three application patterns within the entire fan section.

6. Take broken weaves at the front contour and apply Formula B. Wrap in foil.

7. Apply Formula C as a micro new growth application at the top in a horseshoe section from recession areas around the crown.

8. Apply Formula C to all the hair at the nape and sides, from new growth to ends.

9. Develop, rinse and apply Color.Me Finishing Regimen.

10. Refine with Formula D.


tequila sunrise2

Tequila Sunrise Formula for Long Hair:

20g 11.2 + 1g 8.66 + 2.5g 8.4 + 35g Cream.Activator 6%

20g 8.4 + 8g Clear + 1g Pink.Violet + 1g Soft.Violet + 45g Cream.Activator 6%

Cream.Lightener + Cream.Activator 3%

Apricot.Toner + Cream.Activator 1%


How-To: Get Tequila Sunrise Hair

1. Work up the head in two side sections then across the top of the hair in a classic T-foiling pattern.

2. Working on angles in broken slice sections, create a seamless blend where foils fall so there is no start or finish.

3. Using Formula 1,2, 3 and 4 apply foils through the hair working every third foil with Formula 1 to create a beautiful copper glisten.

4. Every third foil, painted new growth to eye length with Formula 1. Apply Formula 2 through the mid lengths and ends to create a reflection of tone and a glistening effect on the hair. 

5. Develop, wash and style.


(Photos Courtesy of Kate Reid and Kevin.Murphy)


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