A new season calls for a hair colour change, and what better way to spice things up than with Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2018: Ultra-Violet. From magical, futuristic purples to intergalactic violets, these four looks are sure to wow your clients, just in time for spring.

pantone pravana


This bright ultra-violet shade was created by Pravana Collective’s Kayla Boyer.


40g VIVIDS Clear + 5g VIVIDS Violet


Balayage and foil the hair using Pure Light Power Lightener and 20 vol developer.

Apply formula 1 from roots to ends.

(Photo courtesy of Kayla Boyer and Pravana)

pantone KM


This magical blue-based purple was created by Kevin.Murphy Color.Master, Marsha Moran. Here’s how to get the look.


Cream.Lightener + 20 vol in a global application


On dry hair, evenly spray Staying.Alive which will equalize the hair’s porosity.

Section off a “crescent shape” around the fringe area and tone with 9.1 + 5.8 + 10 vol.

Apply Ice toner + 3.5 vol as a global application to the rest of the hair. 

(Photo courtesy of Marsha Moran and Kevin.Murphy)

pantone joico


This pop of purple was created by Joico artist and educator, Melissa Duguay.


Color Intensity Indigo and Amethyst Purple


Using equal parts, of Joico Color Intensity Indigo and Amethyst Purple, apply to hair.

Wash, dry and style as desired.

(Photo courtesy of Melissa Duguay and Joico)



This purple-infused silver by Presley Poe is a twisted take on Ultra-Violet. Here’s how to get the look.


Roots: ColorLush 3V + 5V + ¼ Clear

Mids: ColorLush 3V + 5V + ¾ Clear

Ends: ColorLush 9V + Clear


Using equal parts of Pravana ChromaSilk Express Toners Pearl and Violet, apply to create a foundation for the metallic base.

Section the hair into 4 quadrants.

Apply equal parts of ColorLush 3V+5V +1/4 Clear to roots.

Melt the second formula, equal parts ColorLush 3V + 5V +3/4 Clear to mids, using your fingers.

Apply equal parts of the last formula; ColorLush 9V + Clear to ends.

Wash using Pravana Moisture Rich Shampoo + Conditioner.

Style as desired.

(Photo courtesy of Presley Poe and Pravana)


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