Recreate three of our favourite celebrity summer hair looks with tips from hairdressing pros.

Kate Bosworth’s braided updo

For the launch of her new style app, Bosworth wore a romantic take on the braided halo hairstyle. Braids are the perfect way to get your hair up on a hot day and look effortlessly chic. Here’s how hairstylist Bridget Brager created this style: Add volumizing product to the hair before blowdrying, concentrating on lifting hair away from the scalp. Create a deep side part, and create a braid that starts at the crown and comes forward to cover the hairline. Start a second braid at the temple, and braid back each side. Tame flyways and add shine by applying KEVIN.MURPHY EASY.RIDER, while gently loosening the braids. Weave the ends of the braids into another before pinning at the back. Set the whole look with SESSION.SPRAY.

Kirsten Dunst’s Beach Wave

We love how gorgeous Dunst looks in her newest ads as L’Oreal Professionnel’s international spokesperson. We asked the LP styling team how to recreate her magnificent beach waves: Apply Techni.Art Beach Wave to towel dried hair, focusing on spraying uniformly throughout the lengths and ends. (You can also add a bit of Techni. Art Scruff Me for added control and definition.) Diffuse hair with a blowdryer. Finish by reapplying Techni.Art Beach Wave for extra definition, and use throughout the day to freshen up locks. Apply Techni. Art Anti Frizz Hairspray for extra control, especially on humid days.

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Lily Allen’s Sunset Ombre Hair

We love Allen’s take on the ombre hair trend, which has been dubbed the sunset look, since it blends from purple at the roots to red at the mid-length to light orange on the ends. “This is a colour melting technique that blends the colours where they meet,” explains PRAVANA’s artistic colour director Vadre Grigsby. Here’s her formula for creating this colourful style: Using a tint brush, take small sections of hair and apply VIVIDS Violet formula at the root, then VIVIDS Wild Orchid through the mid-shaft, and Coral formula through the ends. Wearing gloves, blend the colours where they meet, making sure to wash gloves between blends. Violet formula = Equal Parts VIVIDS Violet and VIVIDS Clear; Wild Orchid formula = 2 parts VIVIDS Wild Orchid to 1 part VIVIDS Magenta;  Coral formula =  4 parts PASTELS Too Cute Coral to 1 part VIVIDS Orange + 1 part VIVIDS Pink.

celebrity hair styles Summer braids colour waves 3



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