Craving that trendy matte pastel colour? Now your clients can have it without any filter. Start by lightening hair with the Blondor Freelights developer, giving hair a soft, sun-kissed base to work with. Next, add your client’s colour combination of choice with the five new Instamatic by Color Touch shades—Pink Dream, Muted Mauve, Jaded Mint, Ocean Storm and Smokey Amethyst—either by painting or sponging on shades in different patterns on sectioned off hair to achieve your client’s desired look. For a more diffused finish, add the Clear Dust shade over the colour. This low-maintenance coverage will keep hair looking fresh and your client stylish long past their salon visit.

Here’s how to get two covetable snapworthy looks with the new products:

Cool & Casual

wella 2

To mix the new Instamatic shades for developing: 

wella 2 5

1. Take a wide V section of hair and apply Instamatic Muted Mauve mixture to the roots and blend down 3 cm.

wella 2 1wella 2 2

2. Alternate Instamatic Muted Mauve, Jaded Mint and Ocean Storm mixtures on the mid-lengths and ends of the V Section.

wella 2 3

3. Apply Muted Mauve to any remaining hair. Develop for 20 minutes.

wella 2 4


Pink Affair

wella 1

To mix the new Instamatic shades for developing:

wella 1 6

1. Pre-lighten using Blondor Freelights taking large V sections.

wella 1 1wella 1 2

2. Paint highlights through the top section, getting stronger towards the face.

wella 1 3

3. Once sufficient lift has been achieved, remove colour in the normal manner and blow dry hair.

4. Working through the pre-lightened panels, sponge Pink Dream, Muted Mauve and Smokey Amethyst mixtures randomly to create a cloud of colour. Develop for 20 minutes.

wella 1 4


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