With 12 products in the Prep, Play and Perfect lineups—from smoothing creams to heat protectors and styling pastes—plus three Boosters—Hold, Volume and Gloss—the Style Link collection from Matrix allows you to create endless possibilities that work with all hair types. Alex Chabot, artistic director at Matrix says, “Add a dime-sized amount of the product you’re working with into the palm of your hand and then add one or two pumps of the Booster and mix it with the product and apply to the hair,” and add volume, shine and an extra bit of hold to any product in the line.

Here’s how to get two looks, created by the Matrix team, using the new Style Link products:

Frayed Knot


1. Add one drop of Hold Booster with one spray of Volume Builder. Apply to damp hair.

2. Using a round brush, dry the hair, lifting at the root to create height and fullness at the top.

3. Spray Texture Builder throughout to create an airy softness.

4. Gather hair at the crown, making sure not to pull the texture out.

5. Twist and pin, leaving ends free. Use Volume Fixer to shape the fringe and top control hair while maintaining height and fullness.

Loosely Defined


1. Mix one drop of Gloss Booster and one part Smooth Setter to damp hair.

2. Dry hair with a vent brush, allowing air to pass through quickly and give control.

3. Emulsify one part Shape Switcher to one part Gloss Booster. Run mixture through hair and place into shape.

4. Using the same recipe in step 3, pinch the ends to create more separation.

5. Finish with three sprays of Style Fixer.


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