This textured pixie is the perfect cut for summer: your clients will love the versatility and movement. See the steps below to create one of Vivienne Mackinder’s looks for this year’s Intercoiffure show—and check out the video for backstage footage!

15 05 27 HowTo 0

15 05 27 HowTo 1

Step 1: Cut at the crown, chopping into a line

Step 2: Follow the couture of the head shape

Step 3: Graduate into the nape of the neck

15 05 27 HowTo 2

Step 4: Continue around the head, working around to the back of the ear

Step 5: Hold section directly out from the head (avoid over-direction), angle to follow head shape.

Step 6: Continue with round layer into tight graduation

15 05 27 HowTo 3

Step 7: Soften perimiter with razor cutting, abstract outline and work through to the front of the ear

Step 8: Repeat layers into graduation on second side

Step 9: Measure your lengths for evenness

15 05 27 HowTo 4

Step 10: Later into outline shape, keeping it longer towards the face

Step 11: Bevel layers through the sides

Step 12: Continue through perimiter

15 05 27 HowTo 5

Step 13: Later top leaving length in fringe

Step 14: Connect from top into sides

Step 15: Use a razor to carve valleys and peaks into fringe


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