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You don’t need a barbershop, or even a dedicated men’s area, in order to reap the rewards of cultivating a men’s clientele.

Barbering and hairstyling can seem worlds apart. “There’s a huge disconnect between barbering and hairstyling they have been afraid of clippers and we’ve been told that anything other than scissors is cheating,” explains Matty Conrad, Schwarzkopf Professional Essential Looks Artist. In reality, these different tools can create a pretty unique finished product that Conrad believes is completely accessible for any hairstylist. To prove his theory, the British Columbia based barber and owner of Victory Barber and Brand built Schwarzkopf’s Barber in a Box as an invitation to hairstylists so that you can get in on the booming men’s market too. If you need any further convincing, just check out Conrad's hilarious "Get Handsome" Youtube video:


The Culture

“What’s interesting is the passion from those who want to bring back the history of barbering,” explains Conrad, who includes himself among this rank. For Conrad it’s about the connection that barbers have with their clients and that’s something hairstylists can easily build on in their salons by keeping in mind a few things. “There’s a vibe of what it means to be well-groomed, and masculine,” says Conrad, “and there’s room to be different and handsome.” Take note, most men today are looking for a different take on old-school trends and by taking what Conrad calls, a new market barber approach, you can bridge the gap between the barber shop and the salon.

The Tools

For Barber-in-a-Box, Conrad pulled together his top Osiss+ products, and tools including clippers and combs, and his apron, which he says is “the single most frequently asked question I get,” which contributes to an authentic barbering look and feel. As part of the kit, a video featuring five step-by-step haircuts that are totally approachable, rounds out this comprehensive kit. Along with teaching the technical barbering skills, the videos are intended to have a little fun with the image of barbers, an important part of working in a creative industry, and honouring the barbering culture. “The idea was to have fun, be a bit silly because even though we have a corporate image, ultimately we’re passionate about what we do.”

The Benefit

With the men’s market continuing to grow, having the tools, and know-how demystifies the culture, enabling any hairstyling professional to refine their skills. For Conrad, the project has been an opportunity to break down walls because as he acknowledges, there’s a lot of room for different types of barbers. So while you may not be setting up the next urban, hipster barber shop, there is plenty of opportunity to turn a profit, by taking a part of the culture, skill and create a men’s experience that will turn a profit for your salon.


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