Now that 2018 is in full swing, your clients may still be looking to get their "new year, new hair" fix. This icy blue hair colour, created by Pravana's collective head colourist Presley Poe, is the perfect shade to cure those winter blues that will fade into a perfect pastel just in time for spring.

Here's how to recreate this colour using Pravana ColorLush Demi Glosses:


Icy Blue Formula:

Base: 35g 5B + 15g CLEAR + 1 drop Blue Additive

Mid Shaft: 20g 5B + 20g CLEAR

Ends: 20g 9S + 20g 9B + 2 drops Blue Additive


How-To: Get Presley Poe's Icy Blue

1. Detangle hair and section into four parts.

2. Apply base formula and melt approximately one inch down from the root.

3. Apply the mid-shaft formula with your finger to help melt the colour into the first formula.

4. Apply the last formula to ends by repeating the technique above.

5. Let the colour process for 20 minutes.

6. Wash hair using PRAVANA Moisture Rich Shampoo + Conditioner

7. Style as desired.


(Photo courtesy of Presley Poe and Pravana)


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