Clients who hop on the “new year, new me” train without consulting a salon professional often find themselves in sticky situations when it comes to their hair colour.

Former boy-bander, producer and author, Lance Bass was one of them. Opting for a DIY blue hair colour this season, he ended up seeking help from Pravanas product development manager, Lissette Cruz, to correct what he had hoped would be a sleek silver; a colour he had always wanted to try. “I think more men should have fun hair colours,” he says.

Here’s how Cruz corrected Bass’ colour, using Pravana products to turn him into a silver fox:

Silver Formula:

Pure Light Crème Lightener
Add VIVIDS Luscious Lavender
VIVIDS Black additive

Silver Hair How-To:

1. Remove existing colour using Pure Light Crème Lightener

2. Add VIVIDS Luscious Lavender for a silver-based lavender pastel

3. Use a touch of VIVIDS Black additive to the roots to add a smoky feel

4. Pull Luscious Lavender through the ends

5. Maintain the colour at home with Pravana’s The Perfect Blonde Purple Toning Shampoo, Conditioner and Masque.


(Photo courtesy of Pravana) 


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