15 04 10 manes 1The obvious companion to that new rockabilly coif? A perfectly groomed beard, naturally. Whether they’re sporting a two-week shadow or a more robust and voluminous version, here’s what to keep in mind for your clients.
Essentially, you need to apply the same rules to beard grooming when you’re cutting hair, and that means matching the shape of face. “The trick is to enhance or downplay certain features with facial hair,” says Charles Vaillancourt, owner of Cordial Barbier-Coiffeur in Montreal. The one tool you absolutely need is a great clipper. The best pros in the business (yes, we’re talking about the Schorem guys, who are practically the gods of the barbershop category) swear by the Wahl Ultimate Pro clipper with changeable blades. “I also use six-and-a-half-inch shears for creating nice straight lines and shorter scissors for finishing the moustache,” says Vaillancourt.
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TIP: A clipper comb and a small moustache comb are very useful to finish the style you will be creating.

Evolution of the ‘stache

Like everything that’s trendy, the moustache will definitely evolve in the coming months. According to the barbershop experts, the lumbersexual look will trickle down to the masses and, hence, become less desirable for the early adopters, who are at the forefront of the latest looks. “The next big thing will be very groomed facial hair reminiscent of the 1920’s, with a thinner, more refined moustache and, eventually, the buck ‘stache,” says Vaillancourt. You’ve been warned!

The maintenance

Like all hair, beards and moustaches require daily upkeep to maintain their impeccably groomed look. Your clients will need to wash and moisturize their facial hair with a mild shampoo for a soft and lustrous texture. A good conditioner or beard oil should also be part of the everyday grooming routine to keep facial hair soft and supple.

Pete Goupil, a barber at Salon Espace C in Brossard, Que., and international all-star educator for American Crew, says that beard grooming is what separates barbers from other stylists. He recommends trimming your client's long beard every three to four weeks. “I start by cleaning the edges of the beard, then brushing and combing it before shaping it with the clipper. I do this at least three times to have a nice, clean outline,” explains Goupil. For everyday maintenance at home, he suggests American Crew’s 3-in-1 shampoo, conditioner and body wash, a boar-bristle brush and a beard oil.


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