Toronto Men’s Fashion Week (TOM*) was in full force on March 7 and 8 at the historic Waterworks building in Toronto. As the official hair and grooming sponsor for TOM*, American Crew educators were hard at work backstage getting the models runway ready.

On Day 2, longer hair ruled the runway with designers like Labelle incorporating this year’s men’s trend of longer styles into their shows. American Crew all-star educator Matula Liounis says the brand’s Boost Powder was used for the longer looks to add volume at the roots. Liounis says she also layered products like the American Crew Light Hold Gel with the Light Hold Texture Lotion to grip the texture for definition and a hint of shine.

Paul Mason (aka. Fashion Santa) was the star of TOM* for day 2 and 3. Mason walked for the Labelle, Men’s Fashion 4 Hope and Zane Barlas shows, sporting his signature white beard. American Crew’s Domenic Commisso of Fiorio Square One in Mississauga, Ont., styled Mason using the new American Crew Beard Serum (one of our editor’s picks in our March issue). “Seeing the evolution of the typical look of the model when we first started, it’s evolved a lot. Now a lot of the models have facial hair,” says Liounis. “The Beard Serum is great for long beards like Paul Mason’s, but there’s a use for it as well for young guys with shorter beards because it’s lightweight and spreads evenly throughout the beard.”

American Crew’s Heavy Hold Pomade was the hero product for TOM*’s closing night. The pomade added a polished finish to the well-groomed, parted looks in the Kenneth Barlis show while also adding some control to the rock ‘n’ roll dishevelled looks in the Tristan Licud show. “A lot of the models have grown their hair out, so it’s longer, looser and more casual; like you’ve been away for a few months and haven’t had a chance to get a haircut,” says Liounis.

Slider photo courtesy of Instagram; gallery photos courtesy of Salon Magazine and Instagram


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