More and more clients are embracing their natural hair texture, but they’re still depending on you to do it in style. We’ve rounded up the pros for their styling advice and product picks when working with a range of textures.

Texture Main

Marlo Steenman, educator, Revlon Professional, Edmonton

Defining curls:
Before you begin cutting or styling curly hair, Marlo Steenman, an educator with Revlon Professional and creator of Curls Gone Wild, refers to curl types as coily, curly, wave curl and wavy. “Knowing a curl type will highly influence a haircut or styling,” says Steenman. “Curl typing should be the first thing you do in a consultation.” Understanding the type of curl will help you decide the tension you need when cutting, along with help make the right product recommendations for your client's at home maintenance.

For curly hair:
When styling curly hair, Steenman says that the key is to keep hair hydrated with the right products, which depends on the texture of the hair. “All types of curly hair need moisture and I always start with a leave-in conditioner like Revlon Professional’s Uniq One All In One Hair Treatment,” says Steenman. “I begin layering products with Style Masters Orbital, which reduces frizziness, and then Style Masters Fanaticurls for maximum hold.”

Maggie Semaan, master stylist and co-owner of Nu


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