We all know how important coffee is to many busy hairstylists and colourists working in the salon. But now, they are showing their love for coffee with a new hair trend!

As recently seen on social media, hairstylists and colourists have been posting photos of their clients’ freshly styled hair next to different shades of cups of coffee.

This side-by-side comparison—dubbed as #coffeehair—is meant to showcase the different shades, depth and dimensions in hair colour.

Coffee hair is a great way to be playful with your clients on social media and channel your inner creativity to recreate coffee-inspired looks.

Whether it’s a deep shade of espresso or light as a vanilla latte, coffee hair encourages you to think outside the box.

Here are a few different #coffeehair looks that caught our attention on social media: 

Balayage with a combination of Americano and latte hues. (Photo by @hairbymaddymarie_)



Deep espresso tones with a hint of caramel latte. (Photo by: @belkysramirezbeauty)


A blend of toffees and caramels. (Photo by: @modmulehair)


Lattes with a few extra pumps of vanilla. (Photo by: farfanyelimar)


The right assortment for every coffee lover's fix. (Photo by: @mslameylynn)


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