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Men’s grooming is at an all-time high in the styling world, showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. And while the girls still get a lot of the glory with styling products, the guys can benefit from them, too. KMS doesn’t just offer do-it-all styling products, but a barbering program as well. Edwin Johnston, KMS global artistic director, created the technical aspects of all three looks, including the background for the barbering program, and breaks down how your male clients can benefit from some of KMS’ go-to styling products, with three on-trend looks. 

Men’s Square Graduation

Pro tip: “The whole HAIRPLAY line is re-workable—it’s got a hold, but it’ll never go stiff or flaky. Layer products on top of one another instead of cocktailing them together to get the maximum benefits of each of the products and get more even distribution throughout the hair.”

kms square graduation

To create the look:

  1. After you’ve done your cut and created the base for the look, finish the cut by taking vertical pairings and remove any unwanted weight, following the shape of the head and connecting with the previously cut hair.
  2. Connect the length from the crown into the fringe. Check visually for balance and the desired shape.
  3. Apply HAIRPLAY messing creme from roots to ends and comb hair into desired finished look.

Men’s Faded Classic

Pro tip: “HAIRPLAY playable texture is a product that layers onto itself to build continuous amounts of texture or volume. It’s like a wax or molding paste, but in a spray form, so you can build it a little bit at a time with easier distribution throughout the hair.”

kms faded classic

  1. Prepare the hair with TAMEFRIZZ shampoo and conditioner. Use the TAMEFRIZZ smoothing lotion for control.
  2. Apply  HAIRPLAY playable texture and blow-dry with a vent brush for maximum root lift.
  3. Finish the base look by using shears in a scissor-over-comb technique to remove any unwanted weight. Continue to use the texturizing shears in a slide cutting technique to create texture and movement. Use the trimmers to define and emphasize the side parting.
  4. Use HAIRPLAY molding paste to finish.

Men’s Faded Pompadour

Pro tip: “With HAIRPLAY sea salt spray, you usually think of beachy waves, but it also has a fair amount of hold and is matte if you’re trying to freeze a men’s pompadour style in place without a high-shine. You can also use the salt spray to tame down the style and finish with the Clay cream to hold the style up all day or night.”

kms faded pompadour

  1. Prepare hair with MOISTREPAIR shampoo and conditioner.
Use MOISTREPAIR revival creme to help control and hair when establishing clean partings.
  2. After you’ve created the cut, use trimmers to clean up the perimeter lines, followed by the scissor over come technique to define and refine the fade. Use the texturizing shears and scissor over comb any unwanted weight. To achieve a clean hairline use a straight blade to remove any unwanted hair. This will define and to create a seamless blend from skin to hairline.
  3. Release the top section of hair and create a central vertical parting. Starting at the crown a square line increasing in length towards the front hairline. Crosscheck square.
  4. Add HAIRPLAY sea salt spray for texture and grip. Finger dry until damp, and then finish with a Denman style brush.
  5. Use Clipper over comb to remove any unwanted lines and shadows. Use the texturizing shears free hand to create texture and remove any unwanted weight.
  6. Apply HAIRPLAY clay creme and distribute with a flat paddle brush to finish.

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