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Vancouver-based nail technician Winnie Huang has been named the global brand ambassador for CND’s Creative Play, the brand’s line of lacquer and new gel polishes. Available in 65 colours and 10 finishes, CND’s new Creative Play Gel provides an affordable three-step gel polish system for long-lasting wear and shine. The matching colours are available in the lacquer with a larger range of more than 100 shades.

The former beauty blogger decided to pursue a career as a nail artist and in 2016, Huang was named the Next Top Nail Artist by Nails Magazine. Today, she has nearly 20,000 followers on Instagram (@winnieisawesome). We chatted with Huang about partnering with CND, working with the new Creative Play Gel and her top nail trend predictions for 2018.  

Salon Magazine: Tell us about your role with CND and what it’s like to partner with the global brand.

Winnie Huang: The CND family has welcomed me with open arms. As the global brand ambassador for CND’s Creative Play, I’ve been working with the lacquer and gel polish lines, and creating how-to videos that showcase rule-breaking techniques with the CND Creative Play product range. I’ve learned so much from the CND Design Team at New York’s Fashion Week in terms of nail production for runway, photo and video shoots.

SM: What are your favourite features about CND’s new Creative Play Gel?

WH: Creative Play Gel has a thicker viscosity, so the coverage is great, and the consistency is perfect for nail art. I love it for hand-drawing art and shadowing, which can make patterns look three dimensional. Creative Play contains micronized pigments, so the colour is super-intensive.

"Creative Play Gel matches the lacquer shades, so there are a lot of opportunities to mix and match colours; blend and swirl. It gives us a lot of creative freedom." ~ Winnie Huang, global brand ambassador for CND Creative Play

SM: How does CND’s Creative Play Gel help address some of the common concerns you hear from clients about gel polish?

WH: For clients who have weaker natural nails, Creative Play Gel Polish will give the nails some added support and strength since it’s a thicker formula. For art, it depends on what clients are looking for, but if I’m doing an ombré nail, marble effect or some detail work, I would definitely choose CP Gel because it stays wet and blendable until cured with a UV or LED light.

SM: You recently worked on the spring/summer 2018 Creative Play colour collection for CND. Tell us about that.

WH: The spring and summer collections for Creative Play Lacquer and Gel polish are all about the woman who is fun loving, festival going and exuberant! She sees herself in super vibrant, high-energy colour; followed up with nail art that is graphic to geometrical in design. It was a lot of fun to collaborate on this collection. I can’t wait for you all to see it!

SM: Where do you source your inspiration? How do you come up with fresh ideas and designs?

WH: Inspiration for me is everywhere. I’m fascinated by different textures of nature. I love to recreate those textures and designs onto a nail. Right now I am the queen of marbling, I like the intricacy of patterned nails. Shape, texture and patterns are everywhere surrounding us, in the city, in the car, in nature. You just have to be able to imagine it in a way that could be worn everyday on your nails. The fun is choosing the medium in which to create it. My medium of choice is CND Creative Play!

SM: What nail trends do you predict for 2018?

WH: In my world, short nails are making a comeback. I’m predicting a lot of minimalistic yet graphic designs, nudes will be peeking out from underneath designs with a splash of vibrant colour. The great thing about nail art is that it’s an extension of yourself, a great way to be self expressive. Whatever the trend may be, you can customize it to fit your lifestyle, fashion preference or mood.

Photo courtesy of CND Canada


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