More men are discovering the importance of nail care. We get the lowdown from two leading “MANicurists” on what men really want from nail services.

It’s no secret that most men aren’t coming into the salon to try out the latest nail trend, but the fact remains that more guys are interested in taking care of their nails than ever before. So, what does that mean for you? It’s all the more important to provide a superior experience and help them feel comfortable while they are in your salon. Here’s how.

Back to Basics

As with any nail service, setting the foundation for a manicure or pedicure is important, so it’s all about refining those basic manicuring skills of cleaning up cuticles, filing nails and providing a simple buff and shine. “The basics will take you anywhere,” says Tom Bachik, global brand ambassador for OPI. “A great manicure is not just about the polish, but about all the other things that come with it.”

Bachik, who is known for his long list of celebrity clientele, says his unique perspective into the world of male clients has helped him learn skills to adapt to the growing number of men visiting nail salons. “I’ve learned that it’s important to be attentive and have a positive attitude,” he says. “It’s also important that you’re dependable, consistent and there for your clients. Be willing to do the work, and always be open to learning more.”

John C. Nguyen, an education ambassador for CND, agrees. “Nail professionals should really focus on the true needs of the male clientele,” he says. “I find that my recommendations are always well received because I’m able to offer a different perspective.”

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Setting the Bar

While men may not require as much from their nail services, that doesn’t mean they aren’t looking for a premium experience. “It really only takes one great service to get them hooked,” says Nguyen, who has worked behind the scenes at New York Fashion Week and Roger’s Cup. “Communication is always the key to having success with your clients. It’s all about using your skillset and expertise to help them achieve their desired look and result.”

Getting creative with nail services can assist with providing a personalized experience for men. Creating themed services, such as Heavy Duty for clients who work in intensive labour industries, such as construction, and may require a more intense service, or Nail Detox for clients who may have nail discolouration and damage to their nails. “Customizing a service can make it less intimidating for male clients and make it more specialized for their specific needs,” says Nguyen.

“I think the majority of male clients start off wanting to be well groomed, but often get hooked on the pampering,” adds Bachik. “I get a lot of men saying, ‘I got a pedicure for the first time, and it was the best thing ever!’”


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