Celebrating the most flourishing creativity in hair design, alongside a meticulous and disciplined approach to execution, the North American Trend Vision Awards (NATVA) from Wella Professionals brought together finalists from Canada, the U.S. and Puerto Rico on Sunday, July 23, 2017, at L.A. Live in Los Angeles, an epicentre of most celebrity-studded events in Hollywood. 

Fifty contestants presented their creations inspired by the TrendVision collections Ultra Contouring by Optical Illusion (Spring-Summer 17) and New Norm by PastForward (Autumn-Winter 17).

The jury of leading industry experts was comprised of celebrity stylist ambassador Christian Wood; New York salon owner Oscar Blandi; Modern Salon beauty & fashion director Maggie Mulhern; 2014 TrendVision gold winner Daniel Lozada; Vogue market stylist Ashley Clauss; and Canadian master hairstylist & salon owner Frank Marasco.

In addition to the live competition and awards, the evening showcased stunning artistic presentations from some of the best artists in the world, including Akin Konizi and the HOB Creative Team who presented the Academy London; The Sassoon academy’s creative team, Mark Hayes, Traci Sakosits and Richie Rivera who showcased their new collection, EQUAL; Sebastian industry icon Robert Lobetta presented The Encounter alongside Shay Dempsey, Marylle Koken and Claudio Lazo; while Josh Wagner, Sonya Dove, Omar Antonio and Anthony Cole showcased a breathtaking segment called M.A.A.N. Masculinity, Androgyny, Alternative, Non-Conformity.

2017 07 23 11

John Carreiro, Carriero The Studio, Victoria, B.C., gold for Color Vision 

2017 07 23 7

Daniel Grieco, Salon Gaboa, Maple, Ont., gold for Creative Vision 

2017 07 23 21

Sandra Du, Texture Hair Salon, Ottawa, Ont., gold for Student 

And now, congratulations to our fabulous Canadian winners who will be competing in the very last leg of this exciting international competition in London, England, on October 15.

Gold: John Carreiro, Carriero The Studio, Victoria, B.C.
Silver: Eryn Wall, The Headroom, Paradise, Nfld.

Bronze: Tatiana Shevtsova, Attivo Salon, Burlington, Ont.

Gold: Daniel Grieco, Salon Gaboa, Maple, Ont.
Silver: Nick Themistocleous, Salon Afif, Toronto

Bronze: Cristina Prioletta, Salon Augustin, Montreal, Que.

Gold: Sandra Du, Texture Hair Salon, Ottawa, Ont.
Silver: Aliyyah Phady, Marvel Beauty School London, Cambridge, Ont.
Bronze: Kim Turner, Voodoo Hair Studio, St. Albert, Alta.  

Photos: Wella Professionals 


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