Sexy Hair’s Express Yourself Challenge enabled stylists to channel their inner creativity to create three looks on one model that showcased the themes of Demure, Let it Roar and Alter Ego. The selected winners were invited to attend the upcoming Alternative Hair Show in London, U.K.

We chatted with the three Canadian winners about their experience and overall excitement about the process.

Eloise Chiew, a Vancouver-based hairstylist, knew the contest would be challenging but was excited to get creative. “I expected it to be challenging because I wanted to create looks that really expressed the moods they were asking for, while using techniques and elements that are very distinct from each other,” she says. “For me, the inspiration is within the theme. I think of the theme words, which in this case were the three moods, then see what characteristics pop into mind.”


Jenny Bell from Stouffville, Ont., knew her main goal was to inspire others with her entry. “When I create any hair collection, my motivation simply comes from the idea of inspiring myself and hopefully others,” she says. “My inspiration was ‘gradient reflections.’ I feel like the colour selection and placement shows many facets of one single colour.”


For Anh Trac from London, Ont., the excitement for the contest arose upon discovering the possibility of attending the Alternative Hair Show. “When I first read the details and discovered that Sexy Hair was hosting this competition, I was immediately drawn to the idea of attending the Alternative Hair Show,” she says. “This experience has taught me that no matter how far removed you are from the competitive side of this industry, there is always room to grow and expand on your creativity.”

Chiew, Bell and Trac, along with the other top 10 contestants, will be attending the Alternative Hair Show on October 15, 2017.


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