Dedicated to the recognition of exceptional and inspiring digital video content, the Hairbrained Video Awards (HVA5) is a competition for beauty professionals with a passion for the art of videography, to showcase their creativity.

The HVA5 features six categories, which include Behind the Scenes, Stories, Even Further, Steps, Humorous and Instagram videos of the year.

Artyom Che, a creator based in Yekaterinburg, Russia, won the category of “Even Further” with his avant-garde take on a friend’s hair transformation.

“For all my videos, I do the work of the videographer, hairdresser, video editor, colour corrector and post-production,” he says. “For this, my friend wanted to trim his long hair and I thought it would be an excellent reason to shoot a video. There was no clear plan of action.”

“The video shows multiple transformations with one hairstyle, many of which were created by improvisation. Shooting was completed in two days,” adds Che.

The Stories category, which features a representation of humanity combined with beauty, was won by Milciades Manuel Rolon and Mark Bustos from Ammon Carver Studio in New York, whose video featured a trip to Nicaragua.

“I was inspired to share the beauty of the people in Nicaragua. It goes to show you that with two friends and one camera, you can make an impact,” says Rolon.

“Working with the local female hairdressing community, we were able to work with women who wanted to use the industry as a way out of the sex trade lifestyle. We just wanted to show how impactful it was to us as well as touch people’s hearts.”

Congratulations to Artyom Che, Milciades Manuel Rolon and Mark Bustos, we well as Nick Irwin for Behind the Scenes, Chelsea Vonne James for Instagram, Jacob Khan for Humorous and Douglas McCoy for Steps.

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