13 12 gift cards holiday Salon softare strategySelling salon gift cards—especially around the holidays—can be an incredibly lucrative source of income. They’re convenient, customizable and can work as a long-term marketing tool for your salon by bringing in new clients.

Jonathan Antin, celebrity hair stylist and co-owner of Jonathan & George Salon in Beverly Hills, California, shares his tips for creating a successful gift card program in your salon.

1. Determine the payment methods.

“Have a process for selling and accepting online gift cards that's streamlined and integrated into your existing salon management software,” suggests Antin. MINDBODY Salon Software allows you to sell branded gift cards online and allows clients to email virtual gift cards to their recipients. Make sure all staff are properly trained on the policies and procedures for accepting and selling gift cards.

2. Promote, promote, promote!

“To get the word out, incorporate signage and messaging inside your salon, on your website, and in client communications and newsletters,” says Antin. A strategy that uses both digital tools, including social media, and old-school marketing techniques, such as word of mouth, will work best.

3. Cross-promote.

Bundle gift cards with other services maximizes your potential to bring in new clients or repeat business. “Incorporate gift cards into a special holiday/winter promotion, or reward high spending clients with a gift card as part of your loyalty program,” suggests Antin. “Holiday campaigns are critical. Most merchants that offer gift cards sell the most during holiday season, so now is the time to capitalize. Be creative!”

4. Monitor your gift card inventory.

“If this is your first experience with gift cards, prepare in advance to ensure the online purchase process is smooth,” says Antin. “Use your salon management software to help you track sales or designate a staff member to oversee the campaign." This way, next holiday season you can easily make improvements to your gift card program, and reap even more long-term benefits, like increased growth and client retention.


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