The bond that exists between a hairstylist and a client can have an impact on both in tremendous ways. Having a strong bond enables the client to open up and trust the hairstylist, which is essential for maintaining loyalty.

In this next edition of Schwarzkopf Professional North America’s #ForgingBonds campaign, we chat with Pamela Adam from Edmonton, one of the six influencers chosen to be part of this campaign (and one of two Canadians featured).


SM: What was it like to be featured as one of two Canadians in this campaign of North American influencers?

PA: It was an absolute honour to be included as one of the two Canadians. To top it off, I was going to be featured alongside a fellow Canadian that I had admired for a long time, Josie Vilay. I'm not sure if Schwarzkopf is also a friend match making service, because the other 5 stylists and crew all seemed to mesh so well, and still stay in touch to this day. 

SM: How have the bonds you’ve established with your clients impacted your career?  

PA: The bonds with my clients are intense. They have been one of the biggest support systems in not only my career, but also my life. Before Instagram, word of mouth alone had me fully booked. It’s so rewarding to be recommended to a client's family member or friend and becoming a trusted member of their inner circle. 

SM: How does it feel knowing that your clients trust you completely with their hair and have remained loyal to you over the years?

PA: When I went into business for myself, just over a year ago, I was terrified. Being able to feel their support through a full schedule helped ease my fears. I think having them see my vulnerability actually grew the majority of our bonds even stronger. 

SM: How did you meet the client showcased in this campaign? Describe the bond you have created and what keeps it strong.

PA: Michelle and I met at the salon I previously worked at. She was booked with me by chance. We instantly hit it off and our bond grew quickly. We shared some pretty raw moments together early on in our relationship. Her husband passed away suddenly and I found myself wanting to be so much more than just her hairstylist. I wanted to be there for her and her children in those awful moments, even if it was just by giving her blowouts, or trying to make her smile while she was grieving. Over the past year, I’ve had the pleasure of watching her rise from what was the absolute worst time of her life, to slowly getting back her glow. I feel so grateful that I’m now able to call her a friend.

SM: When it comes to building bonds with clients, what are some tips you have for other hairstylists?

PA: I find this is an ever-evolving lesson for me. Being a hairstylist can be challenging; it’s a people-pleasing business. The main thing I try to remember is by asking myself how I would want to be treated and how would I want my mom to be treated? I’ve found that by using this technique when dealing with clients, it allows me to see them as people. I think that's why I have the bonds that I have today.

SM: What are some of your favorite Schwarzkopf Professional products from the BlondMe line?

PA: My all-time favourite product is the [Bond Enforcing Premium] 9+ Lightener. The results are always consistent in terms of what I want to achieve, without compromising the hair of my clients. However, a new favourite is the Rose [Bleach and Tone] Additive. I have been using it in every single formulation. It neutralizes yellow, as it’s violet in colour. I'm finding that by using this, I rarely need to tone!  



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