Joan Harrison, publications director of Canadian Hairdresser, passed away in Toronto on October 7, 2017. Joan was a tour de force, involved in many aspects of the beauty industry from her early years as a hairstylist, salon owner, business owner, publisher and mentor. She was a leader in the hairstyling community with an incredible passion for the industry. She will be missed. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family, friends and colleagues.

“Joan Harrison will be missed by everyone in our industry. A toast to one of the finest—our industry will not be the same.” — Aldo Gemmiti, chairman of the Allied Beauty Association (ABA)

“Joan was a force. She was enthralled by the beauty industry and hairdressers from such an early age and was a student of the industry until her passing. I’m fortunate to have worked with Joan for over 25 years of my career and to have been able to call on her for support, knowledge and inspiration. I will, as many will, miss you dearly Joan and I thank you on behalf of the hairdressing industry for being the rock that you were for so many years. Rest in peace, my friend.” — Marianne Medeiros, country manager for Coty Professional Canada

“Joan was an industry leader filled with great drive, a creative vision and overall passionate to everyone who crossed her path. All she wanted was to push you to newer heights, to open your eyes and see your fullest potential. She will be truly missed by all.” — Rossa Jurenas, owner of Studio Rossa in Tillsonburg, Ont. 


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