As part of the brand’s Million Chances Initiative, Schwarzkopf Professional teamed up with Dress for Success Toronto gave women who are returning to work a fresh start with a whole new look.

Dress for Success is a registered charity whose mission it is to help women achieve economic independence by providing support, tools and attire to empower them in their career and educational pursuits.  The organization’s programs also include a transformational experience, as they return to or enter the working world which Schwarzkopf Professional took part in earlier this month.

By providing women with makeovers though the Schwarzkopf Professional Million Chances 2018 initiative, they gain the confidence required to pursue their career ambitions and empowers them by making them feel as though they are “dressed for success”.

This year, over fifty hairstylists volunteered their time by providing haircuts, colouring and styling to women who are embark on a new career path.


Among these volunteers was Contessa 2018 Winner, Michelle Finlayson, along with members of the Essential Looks team including Joey Marchese and Paul Pereira and members of the technical team including Erin DeLuca.

“To me, it’s a great way to spread more peace and love,” said Marchese, “The world needs more of that right now, and this is my way of giving back.”

“Giving back to the community in any way you can is amazing,” said Pereira, Schwarzkopf Professional Essential Looks artist. “Last year I was away when this project took place, so when I was asked to be part of it, right away I said I was in.”

After having their hair coloured, cut and styled, clients had the opportunity to have their makeup done along with being part of a photoshoot where they were able to leave with a headshot in preparation for returning to the workforce.

“This experience means a lot to me. It’s nice to be here helping people and feeling like we’re doing something that’s greater than hairdressing,” said Niko Simo, a hairstylist based in Montreal and a member of the Schwarzkopf Professional technical team.


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