With the royal wedding just around the corner, help your clients achieve and maintain luxurious locks with hair treatments.

From Kate Middleton to Meghan Markle, the royal women have mastered the look of rich (no pun intended) and healthy hair colour. According to Middleton’s long-time hairstylist, Richard Ward, the Duchess of Cambridge relies on nourishing treatments to maintain her smooth, shiny locks.

But what does it take to give your clients the “royal treatment?” We asked two hair experts for their tips on creating fit-for-a-queen looks.

Prepping the Base

It’s a known fact: The healthier the hair, the better the colour. But healthy hair can be hard to come by, especially when some clients are changing their hair colour almost as often as they change their clothes! To transform hair from damaged to divine, Revlon Professional’s Be Fabulous Hair Recovery In-Salon Treatment is a four-step keratin- enriched system for repairing and strengthening damaged hair.

“It’s one treatment for all hair types,” says Vicky Filiatrault, technical development specialist for Revlon Professional. “We begin with a diagnosis of the client’s hair, and based on the results we decide how many treatments are required for a full recovery of the hair.”

The Be Fabulous treatment begins with Step 1—Open Cuticle Shampoo and is followed by Step 2—Keratin Mask, which is applied with a brush before hair is wrapped and set under a dryer for 20 to 30 minutes. Once the hair is rinsed, it’s shampooed again with Step 3— Cuticle Sealer Shampoo before rinsing and applying the Step 4—Keratin Conditioner. “The great thing about the treatment is that hair feels brand new, like it’s never been coloured,” she says. “And the effect can last for a month or more.”

Taking the Plunge

Shannon Simmonds, a Joico guest artist and owner of On the Fringe Hair Design in Vancouver, agrees that reconstructing hair first is especially important for clients that want to undergo a significant colour change.

“Blonde has been big for so long, so if clients want a darker, richer, chocolatey colour, you need to reconstruct the hair beforehand, so you’ll get that rich result without it being too opaque or muddy.”

When it comes to colouring, Simmonds recommends Joico’s Lumishine, a liquid demi-permanent colour that is intermixable. “Lumishine is very reflective and has arginine, an amino acid that improves hair’s health, so the result is very rich and shiny,” she says, and adds that it’s important to remember to create depth and dimension in dark brunette colour to prevent it from looking too opaque.

“For a level five or six brunette who loves her hair colour and just wants to boost it a bit, you can use a demi- permanent in chrome and add a bit of copper to it. As long as the formulation is one or two levels lighter than her natural tone, you won’t be changing the level of her hair, but you’re adding a bit of copper or gold to pump it up.”

— Shannon Simmonds, A Joico Guest Artist and Owner of On the Fringe Hair Design in Vancouver 

“With the natural tones, you get the depth, but then you have the golds and the coppers if you want to add to it to create dimension,” she says. “They are a little gentler, deposit-only, and are more translucent than a lot of other demi-permanent lines, so you don’t have to worry about getting that flat look that is too deep or too opaque. It also treats hair, so it will be in better condition than it was before.”

Simmonds says that another benefit of the Lumishine demi-permanent liquids is that they can be used as a colour service or shine treatment, as it’s also available in a clear tone that helps boost hair’s vibrancy. “You’re refreshing colour, getting more shine and reconstructing the hair at the same time, so you’re creating luminescence in the hair,” she explains. “Over time, especially for darker colours, it can get kind of flat and not be as shiny, vibrant and alive, so it’s really important to refresh colour every few weeks with a demi-permanent liquid so the colour is pumped up again.”

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Joico K-Pak Color Therapy Luster Lock Instant Shine & Repair Treatment 

“It’s my favourite product because it’s good for all hair types. Clients use it once a week, depending on the condition of their hair, and it reconstructs hair while helping to lock in colour. It also has UVA and UVB protection, offers incredible shine, and hair feels amazing,” says Simmonds.

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Revlon Professional Be Fabulous Daily Care for Normal/Thick Hair

“We are a colour company, so having colour protection in our products is a must. Be Fabulous includes our C.R.E.A.M. (colour protection, repair, enhancement, anti-aging, moisture) system, which will help prevent colour loss between services and help the Be Fabulous Hair Recovery [in-salon treatment] have more longevity,” says Filiatrault.


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