These four Canadian barbershops have taken salon interior design to another level and the décor details are just the beginning.

Barbershop interior design details

From bustling suburban neighbourhoods to the heart of metropolitan areas, the business of barbering is all about marrying the craft of haircutting with a cultural experience. These four barberhsops are the perfect example of how interior design can make all the difference in creating an atmosphere your clients crave.

Barber & Co.

Barbershop, Lab and Academy, Vancouver (Yaletown), B.C.

170314 interiors barberandco

“Education has always been a priority because barbering, as much as it is traditional, is also progressive and ever- changing. The Academy gives us an opportunity to stay a step ahead of trends, when our master barbers lead classes with our own staff, and offer public workshops. Motivating and equipping creative people with the skill set they need to make barbering a career is a great feeling.” – Martin Rivard, co-founder and master barber

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Best of Seven Barbers

Barbershop, Calgary, A.B.

Best of Seven Barbers barbershop interiors

“The idea for the Empire Room came when I spotted a lovely 115-year-old barber chair down in the U.S. The room is decorated with a Prohibition-era theme, which was chosen because it was an era when personal services for men were are at their peak. We made the decision to ensure all the antiques are real and true to that time period. The one modern allowance was a 'window' paned by a local artist to give the impression that you're looking into a street scene, through a barbershop window in 1929.” – Geoff Best, co-owner

Eikonic House of Barbers

Barbershop, Brampton, O.N.

Eikonic House of Barbers barbershop interior

“We have 10 barber chairs at home,” says Jessica Hoach, co-owner of Eikonic House of Barbers in Brampton, Ont. Since opening their barbershop in 2010, her husband and business partner, Martin Truong has amassed this collection of chairs, which are in rotation at Eikonic.

“We’ve also gone a bit more retro, too, adding old-school Nintendoand Sega video game systems for our guests,” says Hoach, who has seen new friendships forged over the gaming systems. Their clients range from urban hipsters and the young at heart to university students and young professionals, contributing to the inclusive and welcoming atmosphere.

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Scotch & Scissors

Barbershop, Montreal, Q.C.

cotch and Scissors barbershop interior

“Our decor was inspired by the Prohibition era. Many pieces are antiques from that time period, along with some custom frames with photos from that era. We wanted it to have the feel of a men’s club or cigar lounge, which is why we chose a mixture of warm browns, wood and leather. Our shop has a vintage feel with a modern twist.” – Christina Clemente, manager

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