With the barbering movement in full swing, having a shop that stands out is crucial for maximizing business. When it comes to attracting new clients and retaining the regulars, the design of a barbershop is key; because no matter where the best barbers lie, clients want a place with a unique aesthetic where they will not only get excellent service but can enjoy a premium experience (and take cool Instagram pictures, too!)

Here are six barbershops from around the world to inspire your design and help yours stand out:

The Barba, Tokyo, Japan

A chic shop with golden shears imprinted on the glass doors allow passers-by to view the shop from the outside. At the entrance, large palm-like trees surround the shop’s logo while motorcycles are parked by the entrance. On the inside, rustic brick walls with unique artwork that frames the room, acting as an accent against the black leather chairs.

Clients who visit The Barba notably remember the motorcycles parked at the entrance and often take photos with them outside of the shop.

Tip: Try incorporating an iconic figurine or characteristic item that will attract clients to take photos and share online.

Pankhurst London, London, U.K.

barbershop pankhurst

Located on a strip with cobblestone pavement, the aesthetic from the outside of Pankhurst gives the impression of a small, rustic town from a historic time. Its entrance is often a place where clients take photos for social media due to its historic-like appeal.

On the inside, traditional-style red leather chairs are paired with black brick and stark white walls with shelves that showcase men’s grooming products, and coincide with the dark brown and red colour scheme

Tip: Get inspired to create a colour scheme in your shop that makes it visually memorable. Incorporate a signature item at the entrance to encourage clients to take photos outside of your shop.


Manly & Sons Barber Co., Los Angeles, U.S.

barbershop manly

From the bold rust-red wall, which sits behind the silver letters that make up “Manly & Sons,” the unique aesthetic begins on the outside with a sailor-style tattoo design paned on the barbershop window.

The dark brown and wine-coloured leather couches surround the waiting area, along with a coffee table with several hardcover books that act as a pop of colour.

Small lightbulbs surround the tops of the mirrors to give it a Hollywood-inspired feel while the dark, wooden floors contrast against the brick walls on one side and vivid red walls surrounded by taxidermy deer heads and framed art on the other.

Tip: Add light fixtures on your mirrors, add coffee table books in the waiting area for a pop of colour or add unique wall décor that will make clients associate them specifically to your shop.


Men’s Bizz, Sydney, Australia

barbershop biz

This bright barbershop, known for its colourful interior, features large glass windows for walls at the entrance, enabling passers-by to witness the barbers in action. Designed to look like a traditional, old-school barbershop, the outside also features stained glass windows and rich wooden trim.

With an array of colourful products and tools neatly stacked on the shelves, this shop also features a twist on conventional barber chairs, which are two-toned with metal detailing.

In combination with marble countertops and sand-coloured wooden shelves and floors, the bright lighting in this shop creates a cheerful setting.

Tip: Bring more light into your shop. If you don’t have windows, adding light fixtures to the floors or mirrors or incorporating additional lamps can be enough to create a brighter space. Adding a touch of colour, including a plant or colour-coordinating your products on the shelves can add also add light to the room.


Barber’s Blueprint, New York, U.S. 

barbershop blueprint2

Located in the heart of New York’s Little Italy, Barber’s Blueprint puts a modern twist on a traditional-style shop.

The entrance, made up of large glass windows, allow for natural light to enter the room, while the brick walls on the interior contain multiple ceiling light fixtures to add extra light to this already naturally bright space.

This shop features the traditional barbershop pole with blue and red stripes on the exterior to match the stripes on the company’s logo at the front of the shop.

Tip: Try incorporating a pattern into your décor. Whether it’s stripes or a certain colour scheme, adding patterns can add a dynamic design element to your space.


Barberino’s Barber Shop, Milan, Italy

barbershop barberino

This colourful space features a green colour scheme and a large black and white photo mural that takes up an entire wall.

The two-toned vintage barber chairs keep the element of tradition, while the green walls add a modern twist. The all-white sinks contrast against the bright blue shelving created to separate sections while keeping an open-concept design.

On the exterior, the all-white brick and glass door are paired with vintage-style lanterns that feature an old bicycle with a basket that remains parked outside the front door. 

Tip: Add colour. If painting all of the walls is too much of a change, try painting one as an accent wall, which you can use to take your Instagram photos. Adding a signature item outside of the shop like Barberino’s bicycle can also add some character to your entrance.


Photos courtesy of Instagram/Facebook


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