Hair Headlines

This week is dizzy with fashion from around the world that we can barely keep our hats on. But why would you want to, with hair styled by Sam McKnight on the runways? À Paris, McKnight makes something out of “so-nothing” at the Balmain show. Do you like the effortless look on a catwalk? [NY Times blog]

We spot McKnight's work again over the pond at Vivienne Westwood, Mulberry and Chanel: [Shoppers Base]

Staying on the other side of the Atlantic, the Josephine salon in Paris celebrates its first anniversary on International Women’s Day! [Associated Press]

A new study shows that women are not more attracted to men with beards. Share this with your grizzly-chinned clients ASAP: [Montreal Gazette]

Pink returns to pink! The pop singer added a pale streak to the side of her white-blonde hair. Could she be taking a cue from the spring trends for pastels as she revs up for another album? [E! Online]