12 08 lady gaga-Hair vogue gabby union olympicsLady Gaga is gracing the cover of Vogue again, sporting some fierce lion mane-style hair. She says in her interview for the magazine “Hair is the new makeup.” We couldn’t agree more! [The Cut]

Gabrielle Douglas has been receiving a lot of flack over her chemically straightened hair. Well, now the Twitterverse has gone and pissed off her Mom and Gabrielle Union, who are lashing out at her critics. We have to agree with them: Who cares? This shouldn’t overshadow her medal! [Us Weekly]

Sorry Kate Middleton! Leading hair surgeons predict that Prince William will be bald on the top of his head by the time he’s 40. Whatever, he’s still a prince: [Daily Mail]

In “Celebs Who Tweet About Their Hair” news, Adam Lambert went platinum blonde. Thoughts?: [People]

Who would have thought a haircut could overshadow the Mars Curiosity Rover landing? Check out this technician sweet ‘do!: [Daily Mail]